The Return on Investment (roi) calculator for development activities


How to build a brilliant business case for investment in coaching, training and all other 'invisible' development interventions.


Need to get funding for a development programme?

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Roi handbook

Simply follow the step-by-step instructions to calculate the return on investment of any potential training, development program, coaching or any other learning and development related activity. You don't need a degree in math, just a basic calculator! 
Once you have the figures from your organisation it takes minutes to calculate the potential return on investment of any activity you are proposing, or have run already.  
 Valid and Reliable
This method has been fully researched and developed by academics, we even give you the full references for each step so if you need to prove the rationale or method you just wheel out the references. I've even done it for you in the book!
This method has been the result of years of academic research. We provide you with everything you need to silence even the hardest accountant, business manager or board. It is impressive. 

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Specially designed

  • Statistically valid and reliable
  • Can be followed and understood easily and yet is
  • Sophisticated enough to satisfy the most difficult accountants, managers and boards
  • Is readily explainable to others in the organisation
  • Is applicable to a wide range of organisations and situations
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  • Doesn't take a degree in maths 
  • Can be done quickly 
  • Based on solid academic research, and
  • Is practical and clever.
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