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How do you make decisions when things are uncertain? Try this test

How do you make decisions when things are uncertain? Try this test

How do you make decisions when things are uncertain?

Try this test:

  1. You are on a Business trip to a city you have never been to before. You have just arrived at your hotel, it is evening and you are starting to feel hungry. What do you do?
    1. Look up reviews of local restaurants on line or ask at reception for a recommendation
    2. Work out what kind of food you want, find a restaurant of that type and see whether you like the look of it.
    3. Go to wherever is nearest even if it's just the local burger bar
    4. Go for a walk to see what you can find and go off what looks or feels right 
    5. Eat at the hotel
    6. I would have already done my research so I would know exactly where I am eating
  2. A lot of your friends have recommended a restaurant to you so you decide to go with some new business clients. You get outside the restaurant and it looks a bit 'ropey' and run down to you. It also appears to be in the local red light area which has defiantly seen better days and has some ‘interesting’ characters hanging around the street. Do you:
    1. Go in anyway, it's where you had planned to go. You never know it might just be as good as your friends have told you
    2. Explain exactly what's happened to your guests and ask them what they want to do
    3. Explain exactly what's happened to your guests, apologise and take them immediately to somewhere you know is good, even if means driving across town
    4. I wouldn't take business guests to anywhere I hadn't been myself previously, so I wouldn't have got into this situation
    5. Try to find somewhere local that looks better either by looking on your phone or calling a friend
    6. Tell your guests you don't feel well and go home. Leave them to fend for themselves
  3. Your staff need some training on something you and your organisation have no experience of. Do you
    1. Do some research and design something yourself or get one of your staff to do so
    2. Go and find a consultant or expert in the area and either get them to do it or get their advice
    3. Tell the staff that they need to take responsibility for their own learning and they need to go and find out how to do this thing
    4. Task one of the managers to find out and train the staff
    5. We are too busy with everyday business, I’m sure we will get by
    6. Get everyone together and ask them what they think the best way forward is, and go off the collective ideas

To find out how you did...

On Monday 9th November I will be holding a FREE LIVE webinar exploring How we make decisions when things are uncertain and how to train people to make better decisions when things are uncertain or ambiguous.

The Webinar is live so you can get your questions answered there and then


This free live webinar will look at:

  1. The nature of uncertainty and ambiguity and the difference
  2. The 4 ways people react to uncertainty and ambiguity
  3. How uncertainty changes decision making
  4. What to do about it
  5. How to teach people to make better decisions when things get uncertain


Monday 9th November


  • 19.00 - 7pm (GMT - UK - London)
  • 14.00 2pm (EST - US - New York
  • 11.00 11 am (PST - US - LA)
  • 06.00 6am (AEDT - Aus - Sydney)
  • 03.00 3am (AWST - Aus - Perth)
  • 21.00 9pm (SAST - South Africa - J'burg)
  • 20.00 8pm (CET - France - Paris)
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