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The Agile Leader's Check List

The Agile Leader's Check List

What defines an agile leader? Here is a checklist 

  • Above all else listens - deeply
  • Asks questions that get others thinking, to learn, to probe and create realisations
  • Has a discovery attitude and knows that they may not know - is curious.
  • Does not expect to be the expert
  • Understands the power of diversity of minds
  • Understands the nature, dynamism and limits of knowledge
  • Is concerned with coordination, flow and speed
  • Has humility and has got over their own ego
  • Questions the right things 
  • Forms and tests hypothesis - and understands that they are hypotheses and nothing more
  • Understands that power lies in discovery not hierarchy 
  • Evidence based and understands the nature, validity and reliability of evidence
  • Has emotional resilience / regulation (stability) and can develop this in others
  • Knows when to take action and when to observe/think
  • Is a critical, independant and creative thinker
  • Understands flow both in terms of systems flow and personal / emotional flow
  • Facilitates / coaches
  • Is concerned about wisdom and making wise decisions
  • Has Empathy and emotional intelligence
  • Looks for emergent properties 
  • Thinks systems
  • Has energy / is motivated by challenge
  • Works with and helps others navigate ambiguity and uncertainty
  • Knows when to make a decision and when to hold off
  • Understands decision making pipelines
  • Is flexible without 'flip-flopping' and going after the next fad


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